Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Day In The Life. Pondering A Century Ago

Some time ago I started a series called "A Day In The Life", but I only made two entries. Still, it's something that's interesting to consider in context, and there's all sorts of parameters to it. The approach I took was to take a calendar date exactly a century prior, and wonder what I would have done that day.

That approach, I'll note, isn't quite an accurate one as in order to place it in context, you'd have to take the correct day of the week.  It turns out in order to do that you actually have to go back another year, to 1913, to get the dates to match up.  So, if you look at today's date, November 17, 2014, and want to engage in that exercise, you have to go back to November 19, 1913.

And what if you did?  Would you be in the same line or work, something different?  Most of us probably wouldn't be in the big events we read about , for one reason or another, but its also the case that most of us might have gone down some other path for all sorts of reasons.  Its an interesting thing to contemplate.

And, of course, if you were a certain age, certain huge events, like World War One, for instance, might be hard to avoid.

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