Thursday, November 9, 2017

Lex Anteinternet: Go Donna! In a week of revelations, Donna Brazile...

 Donna Brazile almost ordered a hot cup of Joe.

Amongst the Brazile bombshells of last week, which we earlier discussed in Go Donna! In a week of revelations, Donna Brazile exposes the Clinton Campaign was a real shocker.

 Donna Brazile, Chairman of the Democratic National Committe for the final portions of the 2016 race.  Photo by Ron Aira. Copyright holder Brazile & Associates LLC. - The uploader on Wikimedia Commons received this from the author/copyright holder.

She almost decided to replace Clinton as the candidate with Joe Biden. 

Joe Biden. The DNC chairwoman also decided to replace Queen Hillary with a Go With The Joe You Know ticket.

She didn't, of course, and its really hard to imagine that actually happening.  Still, it shows the extent to which the Clinton campaign was a mess to note that it was even considered.

Pluses or minuses of Biden, it's interesting that his name was thrown out independently as a candidate who could rescue the Democrats, but he himself chose to reject those efforts.  Had the DNC thrown him in there, I wonder if he would have even accepted.  It certainly would have amounted to a rejection of the democratic process within the DNC.

Still, if it had happened, I suspect we'd have a President Biden now.

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