Sunday, June 4, 2017

Behaving like its 1957 when its 2017. . .

is probably not going to work for you.

 How your entity appears, and how people react to it, if you have a website that looks like it was supposed to function twenty years ago and isn't interactive in any fashion.

I'm not going to be super specific in this post, as I'm a bit miffed quite frankly, but whether you like it or not, and I mostly don't, the front door for your office, organization, church, synagogue, club, etc., is not your front door.

It's your website.

And if your website doesn't work, but just sits there with a URL, your door is boarded up and says something equivalent to "closed".

The reason, I'll note, that I'm posting this is a direct experience for over a year on this topic with it being said, several months ago, "it's fixed".  It is not.

And by not, what I mean is that if you have front page to your website that has links that take you to vague generalities, but a person who, for instance, might have something scheduled needs to check that, or links don't work, why did you bother in the first  place?

In the modern world, if a person is under 40 years old, they don't check the "yellow pages" and they aren't going to call you for information either.  They're going to go to your website and if that website is a dumpster fire, they're moving on.

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