Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Blog Mirror: First Things; Dress Up: What We Lost In The Casual Revolution

Perhaps more than we think. At least First Things thinks so.
Dress Up
What We Lost In The Casual Revolution

For quite a few years now, academic philosophers and socio­logists, as well as pop­ular social commentators who get paid to pronounce on such matters, have been telling us that people have been abandoning their formal personas in favor of the whims and behavior of their individual selves.
I think maybe they're right.

I've posted on this before, in terms of the development of dress.  Indeed, I've written on it quite a bit. And indeed it fits in nicely with the them of this blog.  But as I've also asked before, does it matter

Well, I think it likely that it does.  First Things adds to that discussion.

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