Friday, June 2, 2017

It's National Doughnut Day!

Or Donut Day, if you prefer.

John A. Johnston, First Vice President of the International Association of Bridge and Structural Ironworkers Union and J.J. Keppler, International Vice President of the Machinists Union, hanging out near the doughnut truck during a 1915 strike at the Remington-UMC plant in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Nothing improves the taste of a doughnut more than a cigar. . . .  It's odd to think that, a century ago, people were already advertising "old fashioned" doughnuts.

And shoot, I nearly missed it.

 The Allies only won the Great War as we had Donuts.

I like doughnuts, but I eat them a lot less than I used to, and I didn't eat them that often really to start with.  We used to pick them up quite a bit on the way Mass on Sundays, but we grew tired of them somehow and rarely do. Maybe once every couple of months at the most.

 Don't be giving doughnuts to the bears, darn it.

But still, a good doughnut every now and then is always welcome.

A French soldier looking a bit hesitant about donuts.  Those who watch European productions featuring depictions of Americans, such as Foyle's War will find that Americans are sort of bizarrely associated with donuts and hotdogs even though a lot of Americans aren't actually all that keen on either of them.  World War One might be responsible for that, at least in the context of donuts.  By the way, note that somebody has taken a bite out of one of those sandwiches and put it back on the tray.

And today would be a good day to have one, darn it.

Although I've already eaten this morning (not donuts) and therefore finding myself passing on the center of the day's focus.

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