Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Today In Wyoming's History: September 8

Today In Wyoming's History: September 8:

2015  In a controversial move, the Casper City Counsel reinstated a tavern and restaurant smoking ban following the decision of the Wyoming Supreme Court that signatures on an earlier referendum petition had been, in some cases, improperly discarded from counting.  The vote was not unanimous and it certainly set the stage for further debate.
My, what a huge change this has been over a couple of decades ago.

Even a couple of decades ago a person going into a bar simply expected to come back out smelling like cigarettes. Restaurants were the same way.  

Now this is an exceptional occurrence, and you don't expect it. 

Actress, smoking a cigar, in a photo that was probably intended to be shocking at the time as women didn't smoke until the 1920s, for the most part.

Indeed, now smokers are often banished to outdoors.  Just yesterday, in walking a short distance early in the day downtown, I came around a corner and found some woman office worker smoking in the early morning cold.  Looking rather forlorn and even guilty.

In regards to smoking, times have rally changed.


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