Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lex Anteinternet: NCSD Board Policy 5375. Dress Code.

I suppose it was predictable, but none the less I'm surprised that this story:
Lex Anteinternet: NCSD Board Policy 5375. Dress Code.: The current NCSD dress code. Usually with something like this, the poster, if he's been out of school over 20 years (and I have. ....
has had the legs that it has.  It's still getting a little press, and one of the "student organizers" was even featured on MTV recently.

That's fine, and to their credit the schools are using this as a "teachable moment" in terms of encouraging students to think and voice their opinions. But among those opinion is one set that is, quite frankly, amazingly dense.

That set of opinions is one, now frequently heard, that the dress code objectifies women and encourages violence against them, whereas if they were allowed to show more skin it would teach men to suppress their baser motives and treat women as equals.

Yeah, right.

1,000,000+ years of evolution has made the male of this species a visual animal in this area.  A lack of clothing doesn't go towards the higher centers of male reasoning, and isn't going to. But the amazing thing is that there are people who have apparently bought off on that nonsense, which has been in circulation for about 40 years.  There's a reason that advertisers use women wearing little in the way of clothing if they can, and why there's an entire industry devoted to selling photographs of women who have lost their clothing.

A dose reality here is in order.  And would benefit young women here to learn that fact.  Treating women like objects is never excusable, but encouraging it through ignorance or intent is not either.

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