Thursday, April 20, 2017

The H3 Relaunched

Back on December 14 we ran this item about the 1916 beaching of the H3:
The Submarine H3 runs aground, leading to the ultimate loss of the USS Milwaukee. The U.S. submarine the H3, operating off of Eureka California with the H1 and H2, and their tender the USS Cheyenne, went off course in heavy fog and ran aground on this date (although some sources say it was December 16, this seems the better date however).

The H3 during one of the recovery attempts.
On this day in 1917 she was relaunched into Humboldt Bay.  She'd been taken overland to that location, supported by log rollers.  An earlier attempt to tow her back out to sea had resulted in the USS Milwaukee being wrecked.

 The H3 in 1922.

She'd serve until 1922 and was struck in 1930.  Her active service life was only nine years.

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