Friday, April 7, 2017

The Cheyenne State Leader for April 7, 1917: Wyoming can furnish finest cavalry horses obtainable anywhere

As the US plunged into war, the Leader was proclaiming that Wyoming could furnish the finest cavalry horses obtainable anywhere.

Actually, it already was.

Wyoming, in addition to experiencing a petroleum boom, was also experiencing a horse boom as horse ranchers, quite a few of them with English connections, had been been supplying the British, as well as the French, with horses for the war for years.  Starting with the Punitive Expedition, it'd started doing the same for the United States.  Not all of these horses were "finished" by any means, indeed most of them were not, something that came as a shock to their European users who were surprised by how green these horses were.

Added to his, of course, Wyoming had a major Remount station in Sheridan Wyoming, right in the heart of Wyoming's horse country, which would continue on through World War Two.

In that other boom, the oil boom, that had become so significant that the Leader was quoting the prices from the Casper exchange now on a daily basis.

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