Thursday, December 29, 2016

Reaping what she sowed.

Ariana Grande has a Problem with our culture's reductive view of women, and she's not going to be silent about it anymore.
Or so a news story on the net reported.

Later the net was reporting that she was reacting to pushback she was receiving from her comments.

Well, I'm sorry, but people like Ariana Grande are part of the Problem.  I agree that our culture has a reductive view of women. Pop Tarts who appear in videos displaying their butts in spandex and singing about sex contribute to that reductive view.  Indeed, Ariana usually has her wares on display so she's effectively prostituting her image for her career, which also contributes to that.  And if she's pushing back, she needs to wake up on that.  She's pushed herself in everyone's face already and she's pushing a view of the relationship between men and women, musically, that's deeply flawed.

Here's how this apparently came about.

Grande is dating somebody, I don't know who because I don't know who most of these people are.  Some fan of that guys commented in a lewd manner about what we was presumably doing to the aforementioned Grande.

Yes, that's inexcusable and indeed it is an objectification.

However, Grande, who has a decent voice, has made a career in part out of dressing like a tramp.  That objectified herself.

And most recently she released a song, along with another female artist whose wares on are display, all about illicit sex with a male of poor reputation.  Indeed, the gist of the story is that this illicit activity has gone so far its impaired her walk. 

Well then, if this is a song released to the general public for its consumption the general public has a right to feel that Grande endorses this sort of activity.  Complaints at this point about what a male friend is presumed to be doing to her are quite misplaced.  It can't be said that she deserves the commentary, but she can't really defend her self on it either.

But those who defend women can, both about the comment, and about Grande.

I've long maintained that the single biggest block to women obtaining equality is that their sisters prostitute their images.  It only takes one Ariana Grande, or Miley Cyrus to wipe out the work of a 1,000 Hope Solo's or (dare we say it) Hillary Clinton's, or Condoleezza Rice's.  Worse yet, it only takes one song like Side To Side to pervert the expectations of legions of teenage boys and not a few teenage girls.

So, Grande, you brought this on yourself.  And worse yet, you brought it on millions of girls and women as well.

Everyone ought to be ashamed.
If his sowing is in the field of self-indulgence, then his harvest from it will be corruption;
Galatians, Chapter 6.

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