Thursday, July 28, 2016

Meanwhile, the Vikings landed and were defeated by regulation

With the Republican and Democratic races going on nationally, resulting in the nominations of the two least popular and most distasteful candidates in living memory. . . assuming your memory absorbs more than a century of context, and the local races featuring bizarre arguments amongst Republicans (the only ones here, probably, who stand a real chance) about who is most conservative, etc., perhaps you missed that the story that the Vikings have landed.

Or that they haven't.

They're trying to, but they might not make it.

Here's the reason why, as quoted from The New York Times:
After making stops at Canadian ports, the Draken’s crew was told by Coast Guard officials last week that if it wanted to sail through the Great Lakes, it had to hire a certified pilot, paid at an hourly rate that would amount to about $400,000 by the trip’s end. If unable to pay, the vessel would be forced to turn back.
That is, truly, absurd.

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