Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy (one day late) birthday Jeep!


Well, sort of.

The contract to produce the 1/4 Ton truck was given by the United States on July 15 in 1941. The contract went to Willys whose principal competitor for the contract was Bantam.  As it was, Ford would end up getting a contract to produce the Willys variant as well.

We've written about Jeeps a fair amount here.  It's become a 4x4 standard and the Jeep has outlasted all of its competitors, surviving competition from numerous companies that made near Jeeps. Willys didn't last however, and the brand has gone from company to company.  Still, the modern Jeep looks a whole lot like the original, even though improvements have definitely been made over the years.  Truly an amazing vehicle.

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