Saturday, March 19, 2016

Blog Mirror: Vintage Camping - Camping on All Four

We've done all sorts of vehicles; 4x4s, SUVs, trucks, etc.  But we haven't done this one yet.  The camper:
Vintage Camping - Camping on All Four: The four wheel camping experience is not a new concept. Check out these awesome vintage campers that started it all.
When I was a kid, a lot of sportsmen around here had campers, and there were a lot fewer camp trailers.  Now the opposite is very much the case.  Perhaps because when you use a camper, you use up the pickup bed as well, people have moved away from them.

We never had a camper when I was a kid, or a camp trailer either.  I always envied them as I imagined that you could head up to the hills at any moment to go hunting or fishing, and some of the families of my friends did indeed have them.  But we never did.

Upon getting older, the camper lost its appeal a bit as I couldn't figure out what you did with big game if you were hunting from a camper. Apparently others felt the same way, as there are a lot fewer of them than there used to be, but I've always wondered about their history a bit.  This article does a really nice job with them, taking us through the various odd models from 1945 forward.  

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