Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Help Support NCHS's Welsh Auditorium Project (and my commentary on the lack of a pool).

The NCHS Welsh Auditorium is a of course a classic, but it stings a bit to see how much support the old auditorium is getting while the pool didn't manage it, and the new massive construction will lack a pool.

After this campaign came out, I contacted one of the board members about whether supporting the auditorium might mean we could still get support for the pool.  His reply noted that the auditorium had the support of a community organization that was backing it, where was ours.

I have to say, he was right.  We have no community organization boosting for a pool.  And I know that I don't have the time to try to start one, and I doubt after the defeat in the bond election, it would do much good. Still, this is disappointing.  Which may say something (perhaps not all that complimentary) about me. A pool matters to me. Any high school will have an auditorium, but having spent a lot of time at NC I nonetheless didn't manage to develop warming feelings for the auditorium, which is probably because I didn't take any sort of performance type classes.  Not that I begrudge the whole thing, but something just seems amiss.

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