Thursday, August 6, 2015

Beauty: Function or Form?

Heavily rusted mid 1970s Chevrolet pickup truck, with Colorado classic vehicle plate and rough trailer, but lifted and with good tires, on Homer Spit, Alaska.


Rich said...

I was thinking the other day about how ancient a forty-year old vehicle would have looked to me when I was 16, and whether a 16-yr old would see something like a 1975 Chevy pickup in the same way today.

I wouldn't call that heavily rusted, I'd call it a nice honest patina. Heavily rusted is when the fenderwells and rockerpanels are just jagged, rusty metal teeth of flesh-ripping meanness.

Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

This (Iphone) photo doesn't really do it justice. Viewed from the side, it was quite a bit more rusted.

I've often pondered things along the same lines as you note. My first vehicle was 20 years old when I was 15, and my second was something like seven years old, but heavily used, when I was 17, but it seemed old. Now a seven year old vehicle doesn't seem old to me at all.