Thursday, June 11, 2015

The "Avengers", seriously?

There's a new "Avengers" movie out that's receiving a lot of press.

And by that, I mean serious press. Serious film critics are reviewing it seriously.  In some quarters, it's receiving some (well deserved, by what I'm reading) critique on its symbolism. The movie, The Avengers:  Age of Ultron, is apparently a big cinematic deal.

Well, I say. . . seriously?

Just skip it.

I'm simply stunned that a movie based on Marvel's comic book characters merits any serious consideration and that anyone over twelve years old is interested in it.  Marvels super heros?  You know that they're aimed at a segment of the adolescent male demographic, don't you?

Maybe because I never liked these cartoons in the first place (I was never into comic books), but the real world and serious fiction are more than interesting enough to capture the imagination of any adult mind. That movies based on adolescent pulp are now big budget affairs for people who are presumably out there working, voting and raising families is simply mind boggling.

There are those who argue that the entire culture has been suffering from delayed development, and we've reached a point where adolescence now stretches out a good decade longer than the teen years.  The fact that movies like this are now regarded as a big thing is pretty good evidence that they're stretching out longer than that.

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