Friday, January 9, 2015

And in other odd news. . .

ISIL in Syria set up a police force to administer its view of Islamic religious laws.

Which includes not smoking.  I don't know that this is actually a tenant of Islam.  I'm ignorant on that, but at least the Turks are pretty strongly associated with tobacco, so it strikes me as odd.

And smoking is really popular in the region.

Well, in the last few days a deputy ISIL police commander was assassinated and his severed head left with a cigarette in his mouth.  ISIL policemen are getting kidnapped.

I'm not sure what this means, and I don't condone killing or kidnapping anyone.  But one recent interview I heard of the Sunni Awakening in Iraq noted that Al Queda banning cigarettes is one thing that really upset the locals.  There's some sort of lesson in this, although I am not certain what it actually is.

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