Sunday, September 14, 2014

Random Snippets: Out of touch

I've concluded that there's no better way to confirm that you are out of touch than to get a bit of the sports or entertainment news.

Right now, the news is full of stories about a football player, last name of Rice, who was caught on camera beating up the woman who is now his wife (I don't know if they were married at the time). The themes of that is what the NFL should do about that.

Now, I think it's horrible that he beat up his wife or girlfriend, but beyond that its one of those things that actually surprise me that its such big news.  I don't approve of that conduct at all, but what that means, it seems, would self evidently apply pretty much to him and her, and maybe society in general in terms of domestic abuse being horrible and it should be stopped.  But does the NFL as his employer have a unique duty here?  I really don't know why it would, unless every employer does.  That is, if I learn that somebody beat up their spouse, and I honor bound to fire them?  I hadn't thought that I was unless it was on company time.  Maybe this incident was on NFL time?  I don't know.  I do know that in my role as a lawyer I've learned of plenty of reprehensible behavior that I find personally repugnant at all sorts of levels, but unless they were on company time for somebody I hadn't thought that required the person to be fired. Does it?  Does the NFL have a morals clause in its contracts (now nearly a thing of the past)?  I have no idea.

Is this even a football player people have heard of?  I don't know the answer to that either.

Secondly, recently in the news there's been a huge outbreak of female personalities complaining about their private images (you can fill in the details here) being released.  I don't know who most of those people are, although in a couple of instances they're apparently well known singers.  No idea.  Now I've heard their songs, and I'm not impressed.

Likewise, recently the big song of the summer seem to be a song called "Fancy".  Now, I've heard that.  But why is this song so nifty.  Don't know the answer to that either.  For that matter, having listened to it on the radio prior to seeing any images of the songteuse, I assumed, quite incorrectly, that the singer was probably an American, and probably an African American from an urban background, given the accents deployed in the song.  Nope, she's an Australian.  I have to wonder if African Americans find this offensive.  I would. She's co-opted a black musical style and affected an urban African American accent.

Isn't that a little offensive somehow?  Are people offended.  And doesn't that pretty much mean that rap must truly be passe?  No offense to Australians intended, but if young Australian women are carrying the banner for hip hop, the genre has obviously moved on.

Finally, at our house, a movie about the filming of Mary Poppins has been getting a lot of air time. Showing that I'm not just out of touch on current events, but on lots of stuff, I don't have a clue why that would be interesting as a topic.  I've never seen but a few snippets of Mary Poppins, the film, in the first place, and it looks boring.  A movie about it would seem to be doubly boring.

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