Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Women become eligible to vote in Provincial elections in British Columbia

 Little Yoho Valley near Field, British Columbia, 1902.  Yes, this photograph has nothing to do with this story, other than that its in British Columbia in the early 20th Century.

On this date the results of a referendum held in September, 1916, came into effect and women in British Columbia became legally able to vote in provincial elections.

In this British Columbia followed the Canadian prairie provinces, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta all of which had already extended the franchise to women the prior year.  It was the fourth Canadian province to take this step.

The extension of voting rights did not extend to all.  First Nations men and women remained ineligible to vote. This mirrored the situation in the United States to some degree, where some Native Americans could vote and others could not, depending upon whether they were regarded as citizens or not. Full citizenship was not extended to all American Indians until 1924.  The full franchise came to First Nations members mid 20th Century.

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