Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Farming: The passing of Gene Logsdon

It's worth noting here that Gene Logsdon, who together with Wendell Berry, defined modern American Agrarianism, passed away on May 31.

Logsdon was an Ohio farmer who fit the agrarian mold, arguing for small farms that were self sufficient.  A prolific writer, like Berry he wrote extensively about his experiences and views.  His writing, however, differed from Berry's in that it often touched on the nuts and bolts of farming while Berry's tends to be more esoteric and philosophical.  Also, while neither Berry nor Logsdon eschewed technology, Logsdon was more inclined to use it, being a small mechanized farmer while Berry leans more towards earlier methods.  Logsdon embraced the use of the computer, something that Berry has not.

With his passing a powerful voice for agrarianism has been silenced.  Its distressing to note that the two most powerful of such voices have been very elderly ones at that, with Berry's now being the surviving one.

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