Friday, April 8, 2016

The Punitive Expedition: A near clash with Carranza's troops on April 8, 1916

 Robert Lee Howze, as a Major General.

As reported by Major Robert Lee Howze:
At about l0:30 a.m.,April 8th, at a point about ten miles south of San Borja, my command was charged by the mounted forces of General Cavazos, his platoon in advance was reinforced by 50 or 60 men, and all took up the gallop, yelled and drew their rifles as they approached us. In the meantime our men were promptly being placed in an erroyo which afforded a splendid field of fire and excellent cover. I personally moved between the two lines waving my hat and calling in Spanish that we were Americans.  About 100 of Cavacos' men reached a point within 50 yards of me before they stopped. If one shot had been fired, I feel convinced that we would have destroyed half of Cavacos' 300 men. The control which our officers exercised over their men and the display of splendid judgment by officers and non-commissioned officers in a delicate situation, saved what came near being a serious complication.  Our officers were left generally with the convictions that General Cavazoa was seeking conflict.  His manner and tone were quite offensive.

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