Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Law Student Rebate

From the New York Times:
Beginning with students entering this year — whether in two-, three- or four-year programs — Brooklyn Law School is offering to repay 15 percent of total tuition costs to those who have not found full-time jobs nine months after graduating. That, according to school officials, is how long it typically takes graduates to get such jobs and, if necessary, to obtain the requisite licenses.
“Knowing you have a little extra security is very comforting and helpful,” said Ms. Friedman, who is from Fair Lawn, N.J.
The introduction of the program, called Bridge to Success, comes as law school graduates across the country face increasing competition in a depressed job market that is only slowly recovering from the economic downturn.
I've read some commentary that the slow down in legal employment is over, but this sure wouldn't seem to support that.

Of course, she can also take comfort that New York has gone to the UBE, so now if she passes the bar she can practice in the over 14 states that have adopted it, more or less, no matter how little she may know about the the law of those states, thereby helping to keep the state of legal employment depressed everywhere, and aiding in the process of spreading less informed legal practice through out the country.

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