Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday at the Bar: Courthouses of the West: Natrona County Courthouse

Courthouses of the West: Natrona County Courthouse:

Natrona County Courthouse

The "old" (actually second) Natrona County Courthouse in Casper Wyoming.

This courthouse replaced a 19th Century courthouse that had become too small.  In typical Western fashion, that old courthouse was then torn down, and the street now runs right through where it had once been.  This courthouse that replaced it was built in the Great Depression as a part of a WPA project.  Within the last decade it was in turn supplanted, as a courthouse, in favor of one built in an early 20th Century vintage five store hotel, in order that more courtrooms could be provided, reflecting the addition of more sitting judges since this one was constructed.

This is from our Courthouses of the West blog and can be linked into on the link above.  This particular photo is one of several of this courthouse, which was the second entry on that blog.

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