Friday, August 8, 2014

Front tire chains?

The November photo for this year's Wyoming History Calendar depicts a fire truck, circa 1910, that belonged to the town of Rawlins.  Its a winter photo, and the all four wheels of the truck are chained.

I can understand why the back tires were chained, by why the front?  For better steering?  It could not have been a four wheel drive.


Merideth in Wyoming said...

Maybe it would track in a rut better and not jump it. When we lived south of Medicine Bow, I used to want to shoot the county road grader operator whose sole mission in life was to grade my ruts out of the mud!! And I needed them badly. That red gumbo is like greased tiger poop and the rut was the only thing that would hold me on the road.

Pat and Marcus said...

Oh man, I've been there when you need the ruts to stay on the road!