The Poster Gallery: Posters of World War One.

Our site has many threads featuring posters of various eras, including World War One.  World War One posters that have appeared here are reposted on this page.

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 Home Front In World War One. Poster display at Fort Caspar, Casper, Wyoming

Poster Saturday: Triple Entente

A World War One Imperial Russian poster showing France, Russia and the United Kingdom, in that order, as three glamorous women. 

The first US Army ground casualties of World War One. November 3, 1917.

All three men were serving in the 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Division, which had been rotated to the front for experience.  The unit was the subject of a Bavarian trench raid which pitted a larger Bavarian force against the American one.  In addition to the three men killed, twelve men were taken by the Germans as prisoners.
The men who lost their lives that day were:
Thomas Enright, Pennsylvania. Private.  A professional soldier who had served in the cavalry and infantry with a brief break since 1909. 
James Bethel Gresham.  Indiana.  Corporal  He had been in the Army since 1914.
Merle David Hay.  Iowa.  Private.  He had enlisted in the Army in May, 1917.

Poster Saturday: Second Liberty Loan Poster

The Second Liberty Loan was in full swing a century ago.

Poster Saturday: 1917 World Series

Game Two of the 1917 World Series was played on this day in 1917:  The result was: the New York Giants 2 and the Chicago White Sox 7.  That put the Sox up two as they'd won the day prior 2 to 1.

Poster Saturday: "United Russia"

Russian Civil War era poster. This is a pro "White" forces poster, with the red dragon representing the Red Army.

Poster Saturday: Carry On!


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