Friday, September 30, 2011

Keeping Women Down

When I was young, and a young witness to the social revolutions occurring in our country, it was my assumption that (radical) feminist would win their campaign, and that the country, for good or ill, would enter an era when "gender equality" would be the norm, whether or not that comported with our natures.

I no longer worry about that.

Instead, what's occurred is that women are now more repressed, in real terms, than ever before. And that's becoming worse every day.

The reason for this is the disturbing trinketization of women that has been occurring at an every alarming rate over the past few decades, starting with the publication of the first issue of Playboy magazine in 1953.

Allow me to state this bluntly.  In this electronic age, as long as our society in general, and women in particular, tolerate pornography, women are never going to achieve equality in anything.  Rather, with each increasing day, they're becoming more and more disposable chattel, not to be taken seriously.

Women and men are not wired the same way. There's a shocker I know, but proponents of absolute liberty of publication, and proponents of feminism, either don't know that, or refuse to acknowledge it.  This is true in an entire host of things, but is particularly true in regards to sex.  In regards to sex, men are very visually triggered.  Women are not.

Prior to 1953, "girly magazines" were largely nasty trash.  Sure, they existed.  And there have always been women willing to prostitute their images to appear in them.  Indeed, prior to 53, they very often were in fact prostitutes.  If a woman is selling her body, selling her image isn't a great leap in action.

The first issue of Playboy came out in 1953.  Contrary to later legends, the genius of Playboy was not in issuing a rag with the publication of nudes in it.  That had been going on for a long time.  The genius of Playboy was marketing.  The magazine was slick, included some legitimate articles, and was packaged up as part of a phony philosophy.  Earlier magazines made no such effort.  They might have articles, but they were all about illegitimate sex.  Playboy, however, pretended that what it was about was the life of the sophisticated male, who was too much about town and in the world to marry, which would only drag such a sport down, but who could have limitless sex with well endowed young beauties. 

Some commentators on Playboy have argued that the magazine also argued that "sex is fun for women too", and by that they meant "unmarried women in their late teens and 20s". But that's bull.  Playboy has never had any interest in women as human beings, bur rather only in women with big boobs, nice faces, and no brains.  These women, the magazine suggested, were willing to hop into bed at a moment's notice.  Moreover, even though the secondary female characteristics the magazine focused on are those which, in part, serve to help keep the infants produced by sex alive (shocker, boobs are mammary glands, curvy hips are a product for ease of child birth) the magazine essentially also suggested that all such women were sterile.  They not only were craving sex, but nothing would ever be produced by it.

That started to be somewhat true in the early 60s, when a means of making women temporarily sterile or spontaneously abort came about in the form of the pill.  Birth control now meant that men could demand that women live down to the Playboy standard as they would probably not get pregnant, or if they did, they'd likely spontaneously abort (that latter aspect of the pill being a fact, but a very rarely noted one).  The widespread adoption of the Playboy mystique by men, their increasing demands on women, and the pill combined to break down conduct society wide, confuse people on what sex actually is for, and gave us the current sorry situation.  Now libertine sexual conduct is regarded as the norm and, as crude as it may seem, women in their teens and early 20s are expected to "put out".

This has lead to psychological misery for women.  Beyond that, it's destroyed the image of the serious female.

If a woman is expected to yield to a sexual demand based upon nothing more than the provision of a cheap meal, that means that our society has retreated all the way back to the most primitive societies, where that is also the rule.  Thousands of years of societal development are stripped away, and at that point, women are toys.

What women are not is powerless.  Not yet.  But until they exercise that power and condemn such behavior, and condemn it most particularly amongst their sisters, this trend will only continue.  Indeed, it is continuing as we speak. Soon, television will feature the glamorization of the "Playboy Club".  If women are serious about being taken seriously, they'll speak up and that won't be around long.

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