Movies In History: The List

We introduced this topic on our main page some time ago, and will continue to run the movie reviews that we do there, not here.  This thread only lists them for the easy use of those who may want to browse them without hitting the category Movies In History that appears below those films, although that's an easy way to do it as well.

When we introduced this topic on the main page, we ran this item which we repeat here:

Movies getting it right in time and place

Movies, for good or ill, shape our view of the past, so I thought it might be interesting to note those that seem to get a certain topic or era just right.  That is, in the historical and cultural context.

That's probably something that's not accomplished as much as it's accomplished.  Films frankly tend to reflect the era that they're made in more than any other era, so "modern" views and even styles of dress and behavior are projected back as having existed on earlier ones.  That is probably generally the rule, and up until recently, at least for the most part, movies made very little effort to actually get detailed material and cultural items correct.  Generations, for example, of Western movie goers watched movies that almost universally failed in terms of correctness to material and cultural details, with rare exception.
Anyhow, given that, it might be interesting to note films here that get it right.  They're not all great films, I'd note, but rather films whose portrayals of an era are well done.
Our logic in this series of films listed here remains the same. The reviews, however, have gotten somewhat longer and more detailed over time.  Originally some of the movies were all on a single threat, when we used to update some individual threads more often, but they were later separated and made individual, on August 2, 2014.  We hope you enjoy perusing our historically focused reviews.
All the Pretty Horses.

American Sniper.

Anatomy of a Murder 

Apocalypse Now

Babylon Berlin 

Barry Lyndon


Band of Brothers.  

Bat 21

The Best Years of Our Lives. 

The Birth Of A Nation

Black Hawk Down.

The Blue Max

The Boys In Company C

The Bridges at Toko Ri


Casualties of War

China Beach 

A Christmas Story 

The Cowboys

The Company

The Culpepper Cattle Company.  

Darkest Hour

The Deer Hunter

Devil in a Blue Dress 





Enemy at the Gates

A Fist full of Dollars 

Fixed Bayonets


For a Few Dollars More

Foyle's War

Full Metal Jacket



The Grand Budapest Hotel. 

The Great Waldo Pepper

The Green Berets

The Godfather

The Godfather, Part II 

Good Morning Vietnam

The Good Shepherd

Gomer Pyle USMC  

Hail Caesar!

Hamburger Hill

Harley and the Davidsons  

The Imitation Game

The Informer

The Killing Fields  

The Lighthorsemen

Lonesome Dove.

The Longest Day

The Magnificent Seven.

Major Dundee


Michael Collins 

The Missouri Breaks.

The Monuments Men.

The Odd Angry Shot 

Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Once Upon A Time In Mexico. 

Operation Dumbo Drop 

Paper Moon. 

The Phil Silvers Show


Pork Chop Hill 

The Professionals 

The Quiet Man.

The Red Baron

The Revenant  

There Will Be Blood

A River Runs Through It. 

Rio Conchos.

Rio Grande

Sands of Iwo Jima 

Saving Private Ryan.

The Shadow Riders 

The Siege of Jadotville

Stalingrad (the Russian film).

Stalingrad (the English film). 

The Steel Helmet

Strategic Air Command

Tae Guk Gi:  The Brotherhood of War  

Take the High Ground

Three Godfathers

They Came to Cordura


Tour of Duty

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. 


True Grit (Coen Brothers version). 

Twelve O'Clock High

Two Mules for Sister Sara


The Undefeated.


The Vietnam War

We Were Soldiers 

Wind River

The Wild Bunch

1898:  Our Last Men In the Philippines

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